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Design Trend: Color Story

Trend: Color Story

The Scoop: Colors help define commercial, institutional, and hospitality spaces, adding atmosphere and even making spaces feel more innovative. Many designers are experimenting more with rich colors, such these gorgeous color trends, to make bold statements and breaking up rooms with color accents or by introducing pattern variations like these beautiful options. Artfully mixing colors and designs with traditional accents and surprising application of patterns can elevate design without overwhelming the overall feeling of a room.

From the Pros: “One trend in design we are implementing right now are dark, deep accent colors. We use these as paints or wallcoverings on singular accent walls, an entire room and ceilings. The challenge we face is that clients sometimes have a difficult time envisioning darker colors, it’s still unexpected for them. Sometimes they believe the dark colors can enclose a space or make it feel smaller. We like these dark colors because they make a bold statement and create a rich, lux environment!” Nicole Hill, Designer, HPA Design Group

“A popular trend in design we are seeing right now are large print, bold colored patterns in fabrics… We like these colorful striking patterns because they make for an eye catching statement within the space!” Brooke McKinney, Junior Interior Designer, HPA Design Group

Main Source Image: Refinery 29

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