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From Trending Turquoise to Magic 7

Turquoise is the new green. As green building design continues to rise and improve the built environment, building resiliency is quickly gaining momentum. Signified by the color blue, resilient design focuses on reducing the vulnerabilities of the built environment from elements. Reported by Sourceable, the UK has started to refer to the blending of green and blue design as the “turquoise agenda” to transform the current state of urban planning.

Sky’s the limit. Joining the ranks of major global cities looking to occupy real estate in the clouds, over 100 tall buildings have been proposed in London over the past year. The proposals come with a side of controversy. As reported by Dezeen, the Skyline Campaign was launched to prevent an increase in badly designed skyscrapers in London. Edward Lister, London’s deputy mayor of planning, claims tall buildings are vital to the city’s future growth, “London is in the middle of a population boom that shows no sign of slowing down and it’s important we look at a range of options to achieve both the housing and workspace need.”   

Japanese firm Nikken Sekkei and partner Pascual i Ausio Arquitectes beat out the stadium strongholds of Populous and Bjarke Ingels Group to design the renovation of the iconic FC Barcelona soccer stadium. The stadium, Camp Nou, was renovated twice in the past, but this time $441 million will bump the capacity by 6,000 while increasing the field visibility and accessibility. As seen on Architectural Digest, the renovation will be complete in 2021.

Seven is the magic number. This year’s international triennial at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum focuses on the concept of beauty. Divided into seven different themes — from “Extravagant” to “Transformative” to “Elemental” —  the exhibit invites visitors to argue and discuss the works in their respective categories. As Andrea Lipps, a Cooper Hewitt curator, said to the New York Times “It does things that are unexpected to us, which is really valuable as part of the human experience.”

Main Source Image: Resilient Design

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