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From Sunken Central Park to London’s Manholes

Design duo Yitan sun and Jianshi Wu won eVolo Magazine’s 2016 Skyscraper Competition with their design to dig out NYC’s Central Park to the bedrock, 1,000 feet below the streets. The new, lowered park would be surrounded by 100-foot-thick glass walls rising to street level to give the illusion of infinite landscape.  As seen on Curbed, the structure would be 80 times bigger than the Empire State Building.

Boston based Behnisch Architekten is leading the way for Harvard College’s expansion with their plans for a new Science and Engineering Center. Designed with screens to cut down solar heat gain and reliance on mechanical systems, the building will excel at energy efficiency. According to Harvard Magazine, the 586,000 square foot center is set to be complete in 2020.

Four architectural firms are competing for the honor to design the FAB Civic Center Park in downtown Los Angeles, which will be located at the intersection of First Street and Broadway (FAB). Among the firms in the running, OMA released a design for a new type of park that connects the cultural aspects of the city while promoting civic engagement through art, food and experience. Click through the design renderings, complete with mirrored canopies, a cantilevered cafe and an amphitheatre, on Dezeen.

Beauty in the everyday. In the midst of the “Look Up” movement, graphic designer Marina Willer reminds us to look down as well with her Pentagram Paper Overlooked. The publication displays the beauty of London’s manhole covers, which are known for their patterns and cast-iron hatches. Flip through some of the designs on Wired.

Main Image Source: Evolo

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