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Architectural Governance

Architectural Governance. Across the world, elected (and some non-elected) officials gather to debate, discuss, and decide how their countries, cities, and towns are governed. In the United States, officials sit in a semi-circle. In the United Kingdom, reaching across the aisle means reaching across the room. In other places like North Korea and Russia, classroom style is the name of the game. The Washington Post offers an interesting look into how architectural design in the legislative chamber is uniquely influenced by the form of government.

Practice Space. Without space, there is no architecture. Architects are trained to use, see, and understand space differently than the average person as a part of their creative process. Like many other disciplines, practice makes perfect. From drawing and playing video games to solving puzzles, ArchDaily offers nine everyday activities to increase your spatial intelligence.

Coming Through. Residents in a Chinese apartment building have a unique neighbor. For the past decade or so, the Chongquing Line 2 train has run through the middle of their building. According to local news reports, the train doesn’t disturb residents with a reported volume only just above a normal conversation. Mashable takes a look at what building designers say was a necessary feat due to the area’s crowded, mountainous setting.

Home Sweet Hollywood. Arch Out Loud, a Denver-based architectural-research group, asked architects and designers to create a revolutionary, single-family, environmentally friendly home that would sit at the base of the historic Hollywood sign. The winning concept looks more like a large ball rather than a house. CityLab has more on this rotating, solar-panel-covered “home of the future.”

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