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Machu Picchu Reimagined

Machu Picchu Reimagined. As a UNESCO world heritage site, the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu see as many as 2,500 visitors each day. With sustainability and management an escalating issue for the historic site, Peruvian government agencies set out to envision what a new culture of conservation and natural sustainability could look like. ArchDaily has details, including renderings, on the proposed installations that are expected to improve the quality of visits and promote greater ownership for the local population.

Artistic Materials. Theaster Gates, a Chicago artist known for his cross-trained skills in development, planning and property management, has a new exhibit that explores the fundamental meaning behind everyday objects in the built environment. Titled “Theaster Gates: The Minor Arts,” the exhibit uses slate roof tiles, wood flooring from a gym, and tar to create pieces that “reenvision place.” Architect Magazine has more on the exhibit, which will be on display in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., through September 4.

Virtual Reality. The rise of virtual reality has the architecture and building industries clamoring for ways to use the technology to provide teams and consumers the experience of a built environment before anything is ever built. From a one-click extension tool that compresses 3D renderings into on-demand VR-viewable files, to cloud-based collaboration software, BuilderOnline takes a look at three new VR programs companies are using to help clients visualize project walkthroughs.

Subway Design. New York City’s long-awaited, often-delayed Second Avenue Subway finally opened at the beginning of 2017. Because of the MTA’s system of “annexations and hacks,” many stations lack a clearly defined visual identity. Curbed’s Alexandra Lange takes a long look at the architecture and art of the new subway line, comparing and contrasting it with Washington D.C.’s Metro and speaking to high-profile designers who worked on the project.

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Image credit: Oktay Ortakcioglu

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