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From Mirrored facades to Healing Sandy Hook

Self reflection. While undergoing renovations, London’s Covent Garden is hiding the construction work behind 32,000 square feet of mirrors. Aptly called “Reflect London” aims to have visitors pause and reflect. The installation includes 67 mirrors that will change angles to reflect different aspects of nearby architecture. Beverly Churchill, creative director for Covent Gardens, told Inhabitat: “The refurbishment… heralds a new era for Covent Garden so we wanted to take a moment to reflect, and encourage our visitors to do the same.”

It’s electric. Prism Capital Partners is renovating 400,000-square-foot Edison Storage Battery Factory, the last of Thomas Edison’s factories in West Orange, NJ. The $230 million project will convert the factory into a mixed-use space with apartments, townhomes and retail. There are still some who oppose the renovation project, according to the New York Times, but as Prism principal Eugene Diaz said, “Redevelopment is a powerful tool. It breeds confidence for people to take chances.”

Construction started on the American Copper Buildings, two NYC residential towers designed by SHoP Architects. The “dancing” towers, so nicknamed as the towers bend out away from each other,  near the East River will be joined by a skybridge pool, bar and lounge at 300 feet above ground, according to Dezeen.

Rebuilding after great tragedy Sandy Hook School enlisted Connecticut-based architects Svigals+Partners to lead the community in designing a new school. Metropolis magazine interviewed Associate Principal Julia McFadden to learn how the firm met the goals of community involvement, security, and healing through the design.

Main Image Source: Inhabitat

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