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Stages of Creativity

Creative Stages. The creative process for architects is an emotional rollercoaster. From the initial concept to reminiscing about a finished project, architects—like many other design professions—often experience emotions that are linked to the stages of grief. ArchDaily explains the feelings of the 5 stages of creativity that architects traverse during a project.

When In Rome. One of the most iconic and historic cities in the world wasn’t built in a day. While the third largest tourist destination in Europe is famous for its classic architecture like the Colosseum, there’s many more buildings that visitors will notice along their travels. From modern to ancient, The Spaces offers a tour of 11 buildings that have come to define the Italian city.

Castle Siege. Unlike the castles of Europe that were created as safe havens for kings and communities from invaders, the castles of the United States were built as monuments to wealth and power by some of the country’s most affluent families and individuals., Architectural Digest features a gallery of the most magnificent castles in America –  from mansions tucked away on their own private island to fortresses hiding around town

Big Bend. Instead of constructing buildings taller and taller, stretching towards the heavens, what if buildings were thought of as “long”? One concept from Oiio Studio that  has claimed headlines lately proposes building a bending tower in Manhattan to side-step the city’s restrictions on height. Architect Magazine has more on the building concept that includes a continuous, curved elevator.

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