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Suspended Buildings

Hanging Skyscrapers. One New York architecture firm has an insane plan to suspend a building from an orbiting asteroid. According to designs from Cloud Architecture Office, the Analemma Tower would traverse the northern and southern hemisphere in a daily loop that slows over Manhattan. Newsweek has more on the design that exchanges a traditional Earth foundation with what’s called the Universal Orbital Support System.

Ancient Architecture. The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, a historically elite engineering school, will begin teaching the ancient Indian science of architecture called vastu shashtra. Similar to Chinese feng shui, the 8,000-year-old teachings focus on designing buildings the harmony between humanity and its surroundings such like the sun, moon, magnetic fields, and wind. Quartz explains more about the theory that’s apparent in many of India’s ancient temples and structures

Blending Old with New. Making what’s old new again can be a challenge for architects. Context and style must intersect seamlessly to pull it off. From warehouses turned to loft apartments to converted 13th century English castles, The Spaces compiles their favorite works that appear in Marc Kristal’s book titled The New Old House.

Abandoned Asylums. By the 1800s, treatment of the mentally ill had shifted to be more human-centered and less animalistic. The theory of environmental determinism argued that the living environment of a person had an effect on their behavior and mental state. Arch Daily has more on Photographer Matt Van der Velde’s photobook titled Abandoned Asylums that offers a glimpse into how now-abandoned asylums in the U.S. were designed to heal.

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