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From a Timber Skyscraper to Tiny Treehouses

Timber trend. PLP Architecture and Cambridge University have proposed an 80-story wooden skyscraper. New wood materials and design research have led to new buildings in Australia, Norway and Canada. Dr. Michael Ramage of  the Center for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge University told CNNStyle, “There’s a whole bunch of new materials made out of wood that are structurally able to build big buildings.”

Using a drone and handheld camera, photographer Nelson Garrido captured the beauty of the Paiva Walkways in the mountains of Arouca, Portugal. The zigzag walkways, engineered by Trimetrica, a Lisbon-based engineering firm, provide dizzying vistas of the wild terrain — see images on Dezeen.

Building with resiliency. In the city of Nomi, Japan, a textile manufacturing company teamed with local architect Kengo Kuma to reinforce its building with carbon rods. Inside, the rods strengthen windows and walls, while on the outside, the rods attach to the roof to prevent horizontal shaking. “Using this material makes for transparent quake resistance,” Kuma told Fast Co Design “It’s also ideal for securing a freedom of space and light while being anti-seismic.”

Tiny house. Los Angeles-based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz developed an imaginative sculptural series based on tiny treehouses. Called “Somewhere Small,” each plant in the series sports an abstract treehouse. Scroll through his fantastical designs on Visual News.

Main image source: CNNStyle

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