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Towering Forests

Forest Skyscrapers. Over 1,100 trees and 2,500 plants will adorn the Nanjing Green Towers designed by architect Stefano Boeri. This first-of-its-kind tower in Asia will aim to reduce China’s smog issues by producing over 60 kg of oxygen per day while also filtering more than 25 tons of carbon dioxide from the air. has more on the two towers doubling as forests that are set to be completed by 2018.

Winter Wonderland. This winter, visitors exploring the banks along Lake Ontario in some of Toronto’s prime beach communities will discover eight architectural installations. The different stations, five designed by professionals and three designed by students, were erected as part of an annual competition. shows how these projects are injecting new life into the shoreline.

Concrete Jungle. Hidden deep in the jungles of Mexico’s Sierra Gorda mountain range, far from the typical paths of backpackers and travelers, lies a concrete playground called Laz Pozas. Created by eccentric British poet Edward James over forty years, the unfinished maze of structures, buildings, and trails sprawls across twenty acres of the La Huasteca jungle. Journalist Matthew O’Neil recently wrote about exploring this surreal location for

Picture Perfect. Capturing an entire architectural piece in a single photograph can be a nearly impossible task. On a recent trip to Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain, photographer Marc Belciug had an insightful tactic for overcoming challenges like crowds and fencing. His article for about his experience shooting the iconic Garden of Warriors shows how focusing on the parts of an architectural composition can reveal the deeper nature of a structure’s design.

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Image credits: Image by Stefano Boeri Architects via The Huffington Post

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