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Your Reflection

Mirror mirror. Visitors to Parque Araucano in Santiago, Chile, take a walk through infinity via an art installation by architects Guillermo García and Nicolás Urzúa. This hidden garden fenced by curving mirrors is an international offshoot of MoMA’s Young Architect Program contest. The installation, named Your Reflection, comprises planes of 3.2-meter-high mirrored aluminum. Said the winning duo: “We have multiplied the amount of reflecting and deformation situations in order to produce an interaction belonging to a world of illusions, more surreal than real.”  Our Chilean architectural portfolio showcases images that reflect this unique installation.

Building characters. Architecture comes to life in this series of animated buildings from Behance. Twenty famous structures from around the world, including Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and High Cliff in Hong Kong, march, hug and dance in illustrations that invite you to take a new look at the world around us.

Poop power. What can one do with 100,000 kilos of  cow poop? Northern Italian farmer, Gianantonio Locatelli, saw the potential for using it as a new material and partnered with architect Luca Cipelletti to create a  line of terracotta-like products made from the farm’s poop and clay. The material, which they dubbed merdacotta, has no odor and can be used to create items from flower pots to furniture. Fast Company has more on this unusual new material.

Cities Afloat. Sean Ironstag is on a journey to clean up the Earth’s oceans by building floating cities made of plastic. “The solution to one of humanity’s greatest problems right now is harvesting that plastic and recycling that plastic on-site,” Ironstag told The Kernel.  He then proposes using 3D printers to manufacture “hexagonal modular platforms that connect together using electromagnetic technology and are powered by waveplate generators beneath them…” The resulting platforms would form the foundations for seasteading structures built atop them.


Image source: Hunter Douglas Chile

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